Established in 2011

TROTFITNESS was created August 31, 2011 in Lewisburg, PA. by local husband and wife team, Nisan and Yorelis Trotter. This dynamic duo set out to transform the Susquehanna Valley by offering the ultimate health and fitness experience with services such as:  TF Personal Training,  TF Sports Performance, TF Fitness Nutrition, and its flagship program – Boot Camp!  Since inception, word quickly spread about this cutting edge fitness company’s ability to provide “the best workout in town.”  Their clientele/campers love using the expression “TROTTERNIZED” upon completing great exercise sessions that consist of cardio, strength training, high intensity interval training, core conditioning, variety, and much more.  TROTFITNESS has truly built a model of fitness based on teamwork, camaraderie, and support. You feel like family when walking through its doors.