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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  It’s one of the most memorable times of your life; a time to share with all the people you love! TF Bridal Boot Camp specializes in fat-blasting, high energy, fun-filled workouts that tone the body and enhance your sexiness for that special day! 
This is not your average Bridal Boot Camp, Fit Body Boot Camp has a proven track record of helping  campers look and feel fantastic. You will experience awesome camaraderie while in boot camp as you train with those of similar fitness goals. The exercise programming is 100% professional with variety of workouts that will not only challenge you, but provide unique training tactics from resistance training, circuit training, partner drills, cardio, core conditioning, and MUCH MORE!!!   

We are rated #1 in the Susquehanna Valley for boot camp fitness and dedicated to helping you get in the best shape of your life! Let us help you trim down for the trip down the aisle!
So, let's get serious, seriously fit!  Join TF Bridal Boot Camp today! Contact us now by filling out our TF Bridal Boot Camp Interest Form below.  We will be sure to follow up within 24 hours.  

Believe. Sweat.  Inspire. TF!


Bridal Boot Camp Package 1:
When a bride registers alone she receives 20% off of the TF Bridal Boot Camp package. 

Bridal Boot Camp Package 2:
The bride gets Fit Body Boot Camp for FREE when she registers with a minimum of 4 members of her wedding party (bridesmaids, mother, aunt, etc.). Members of the wedding party each receive $50 off of the TF Bridal Boot Camp package.

Bridal Boot Camp Package 3:
When a bride and groom register for boot camp together, they each receive 25% off of the TF Bridal Boot Camp package.
*Note: TF Bridal Boot Camp packages range from 3 to 6 months in duration. Depending on your needs we can select a length that best fits your goals. ​Please fill out our TF Bridal Boot Camp Interest Form below to start the registration process. We will follow up within 24 hours to set up a consultation.  
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