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Our mission at TROT is to 
Celebrate Success, Create Family and Change Lives. 

Help us to celebrate your successes by filling out the form below. 

We celebrate:

  • Session Milestones

  • Friend Referrals

  • Scale Victories

  • Non-Scale Victories - so basically EVERYTHING!

Along with celebrations and public acknowledgement, we do offer Boot Camp Pay Days! Where you take home $50 in COLD HARD CASH for every friend your refer that becomes a part of our amazing fitness family!

Simply fill out the form below to qualify. 

*Please note, referral payouts will be done approximately 7-10 business days after receiving a qualifying form submission - you must be present to receive reward. 

You can only get rewarded if you fill out our "CELEBRATE SUCCESS FORM" below during the month that your friend signs up.

Updated on June 15, 2021.


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