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Before and After Shots, Testimonials, Praises and More!

I have always been the "big" girl- the one who separated from my thin friends in the mall to go into the plus-size department as they shopped in the cute sections of the stores. After two babies, and nearly 100 pounds heavier than when I got married, I knew something had to change about my weight- at only 28 years of age, I was a heart attack waiting to happen.

Around Christmas (2011), I saw a write-up about the first-ever "Transformation Challenge" happening at TROTFITNESS. My husband and I agreed that it would be very challenging for me, but worth the investment in myself to get my health in order. January 7th, 2012 was one of my most nerve-wracking days for me as I walked into the Donald Heiter Community Center. Everyone was so warm and friendly however, that I decided to stay and see what Nisan and Yorelis had to say...I have to admit that I did shed a few tears that first day and in the days to follow- scared of what I had committed myself to. :) I decided, I just wanted to try and lose 25 pounds... 

The first few weeks, I was really sore, and wondered how I could even make my way back into the gym for the next class. Nisan kept talking about how statistics say that gyms across America would see a drop in memberships around Valentine's Day. There were times I doubted my own abilities and wanted to quit, but I did NOT want to be one of those statistics, so I kept going. After about 4 weeks, I noticed the pounds starting to drop, and my energy level starting to build! I started to BELIEVE what Nisan was telling me all along- that I HAVE what it takes, that I COULD get into the best shape of my life, that I could ACHIEVE my fitness goals!
Days turned into weeks, and before I knew it, my waist was shrinking, and my clothing size dropping!!! My eating habits changed, my water intake increased, and I was becoming the example to my children that I dreamed of!

The 12-week challenge has ended, but I am still at TROTFITNESS, committed to my goals. I did lose that 25 pounds that I'd hoped, and I am in the process of making new fitness goals. I am learning not to strive for "do-able", but dream the unthinkable! I see a new respect in my husband's eyes, and I thank God for giving me the willpower and strength to go to TROTFITNESS each day and work on the person the Creator intended me to be. Thank you, Nisan for your daily encouragement and belief in me!!!


There is NO boot camp like TROTFITNESS! Come find out for yourself what YOU are capable of~!


Since I joined boot camp, mentally I feel so much better.  It makes 5 months ago since I lost my mother. TROTFITNESS has me going out my door at 530 in the morning, which makes me feel so special because she left this earth at 5:30 in the morning to be with Jesus. Many days I look up to the sky and I just smile, knowing that she in her own way is watching me and she is happy.

It is a true testimony and I feel so excited when I walk out my door each morning...I am healing from the inside out.  Yes, I know I had to change my focus from what my losses were and what my gains truly are... peace of mind, comfort and a new look at health and fitness and being part of a new fitness program that is changing the way I feel.  And yes, I do want the scale to go down, but I feel like a heavy load has been lifted off of me already and for that I am very grateful.


I have done two cycles of TROTFITNESS Boot Camp as well as the TFWL 40 Day Jump Start program. I have come a long way with my health and fitness.  Before I started TF Boot Camp, I couldn't do a push up.  The first week, my arms hurt so badly it hurt to brush my hair!  But now I can do push ups, I can run longer and farther, I can feel my arms building muscle and getting toned and I have more energy than I did before.  Nisan is super motivating.  This is not like doing a class at your local gym.  He makes you want to push through it and be successful in a fun way.  Warning:  You will drip sweat!  The people in boot camp are also encouraging as well and there is a real camaraderie.  If you are looking to lose weight and build your fitness level, TROTFITNESS is the place to be!


I love the variety and challenge that TROTFITNESS provides.  It's what I've always tried to do on my own but with much less success.  It's so much easier to push yourself with the encouragement and support that is part of this environment.  I've always had a huge mental block against waking up before 6 am but now I find myself feeling better on the days that I get up for TF Boot Camp than I do any other day of the week.  I feel much more energized overall and love feeling (and seeing) the difference that hard work and dedication get you.  Thanks Nisan and Yorelis!


I am a forty something, mother of two that decided to become fit late in life.  In addition to jogging, I decided to join TF Night Life Boot Camp in February.  I thoroughly enjoy the aches, the shortness of breath, the encouragement from the Trotters, the camaraderie from my fellow campers, but mostly feeling the improvement in my body.  It's hard, but not impossible and Nisan and Yorelis help you believe that the campers can do it! 


Nisan Trotter of Trotfitness is a super personal trainer who combines qualities of an action hero, spiritual guide, drill sergeant, and cheerful booster. Training with him, while rigorous, is something I look forward to in my weekly schedule, both in terms of getting fit and helping to relieve stress. With his training and support, I lost 23 pounds in four months, most of it in two months, gradually but steadily. He keeps in touch between sessions via email with guidance on nutrition and daily exercise. He recognizes crucial mental and spiritual sides of training, while being extremely expert in numerous physical training techniques, and in adapting them to abilities and needs of each person. I often find myself repeating his wise words at work and home, and have both benefited and learned from his motivational techniques. I can't recommend him and Trotfitness highly enough!


I'm finally sitting down to write my feelings about TROTFITNESS. What with 5:45am workouts three times a week, and 7:45am on Saturdays, I've been too busy getting healthy to sit down at the computer! I can't begin to say how much I actually look forward to getting up and going to Boot Camp. The group energy and team spirit are enough to drag my sleepy self out of my warm bed at 5:10am. I can honestly say I miss it on Thursdays and Fridays, but I know I need the rest time. The Trotters are so welcoming and encouraging. I wish I could be in boot camp forever.

I have managed to decrease and quit medications because I've lost weight and quit overeating. I've lost inches around my waist and hips. I'm in the best shape of my life (I know Nisan LOVES to hear that!). I got my energy level back. I've achieved lifetime status at Weight Watchers! It's been a long journey that started with two great running friends, and now I'm in Boot Camp to tone the rest and shave off those remaining stubborn pounds. Now maintennance will be the challenge!
Men and women alike will never regret signing up for Boot Camp. I feel like I could accomplish anything now that I've made this investment in myself. Take the challenge.


AMY R./ Bucknell Graduate

At the age of 21, I was on the verge of graduating from a prestigious university. I should have felt accomplished but I felt emotionally frustrated. I possessed a sharp mind and a fiery spirit but I felt as if my body did not reflect my vivacious personality. However - during my last semester of college - Yorelis recognized my frustration and called me to action by asking me to partner with her on a weight loss challenge. Then, she gifted me a calorie-counting book, invited me to take her Zumba classes and even drove me to and from her lessons! She gave me tough love, charm and a shoulder to lean on as I learned the tools I would need to reclaim my vitality.

Yorelis started me on my weight loss journey with the Trot for Weight Loss program and after I graduated from college I continued to lose weight steadily. As I've become healthier, my emotional frustrations quelled and I enjoyed richer life-experiences. Now, I enjoy my youth in mind and BODY. I am grateful for Yorelis' inspiration, resources and genuine concern.


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