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  We are following state and local COVID-19 recommendations.    

•    Anyone with immunodeficiencies or symptoms should remain at home and continue to join us using TROTLIVE. 

•    All members MUST RSVP for their session. No exceptions will be made. 
•    Members will be limited to 3 in-house sessions per week to allow everyone a chance to TROT with the new COVID guidelines in place.

•    TROTLIVE will continue to be an option for the other days of the week.
•    To operate at 50% capacity means we can have at most 25 people in a session. To follow 6 feet social distancing guidelines, we have taped out "train in place" sections and will allow 15 people to begin with. 

•    We will be taking the temperatures of all who come to TROT, including team before the session begins. 

•    For your safety, we ask that you remain in your vehicle until the doors are opened 5-10 minutes prior to the start of our session.    In order to "check in" to your session, please do so using your mobile device the same you have been doing for TROTLIVE.  This will help get your session started on time! 

•    All doors will be propped open.    

•    We ask that windows, fans, thermostats, etc. not be touched. 

•    Our water cooler will not be available -- please bring your own water.    

•    We have added hand sanitizing stations. 

•    The building will be completely sanitized before and between sessions.  

 MANDATORY:  COVID 19 Participation Waivers MUST be completed and signed in order to TROT

⦁    Cones will be set up to block off front parking spaces closest to the studio as those are designated for clients awaiting entrance to each session.
⦁    Coaches Must Wear Masks while checking members in and before and after sessions. 

⦁    All members MUST use Hand Sanitizer before coming in.
⦁    Doors will remain locked until approx.10 minutes prior to each session.
⦁    Lobby and Locker area will be blocked off and not available for use or gathering 
⦁    Water bottle; the water cooler will not be available for use during this time.
⦁    Towel to use for any exercises that require them to lie directly on the floor.  
⦁    No one will be allowed to work out without a towel.
⦁    Temperatures will be taken before entrance into the facility; anyone with a temperature over 100.4 will not be permitted to enter the facility. 



⦁    Please note NO guests will be allowed. Only members are allowed in our studio at this time.

⦁    There are 8’x 6’ stations taped off for individual members to workout in.  We’re calling this the “train in place” method.  Each client will have enough room for their water bottle, keys, phone, and towel to remain with them during the workout.  During the session, each client will stay in their 8’ x 6’ space and only touch the pieces of equipment reserved for them in their space.  This eliminates cross contamination of equipment and space. 
⦁    Coaches must instruct members NOT to touch equipment or rearrange to suit them better; simply choose your workspace area based on the weights within the area that BEST suit their needs.
⦁    Designated pathways will be marked off for use of the bathroom facilities and lots of reminders to clean and sanitize anything touched.

⦁    Members will exit the facility using the back doors so as to not walk back through the entryway or interfere with the next incoming clients. 
⦁    After every workout session, once the members exit the studio, the team will do a thorough cleaning of the equipment and space used, as well as any surfaces that were touched, including the restrooms. 
⦁    Only after a session has ended, members have exited, and the studio has been cleaned will the staff welcome the next group of members to disinfect their hands, have temperatures taken, and to come into the studio and enter their 8’x6’ training space for the next session. 
⦁    We’ve taken the extra precaution to create a member waiting area outside of the facility that is taped off and designed to keep waiting members safely spaced out. 
⦁     Finally, at the end of each day we will deep clean and disinfect the entire studio, equipment, restrooms and surfaces to ensure the facility is clean and safe to use the following morning.

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