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Co-Founder, Head Trainer, CPT

Growing up in the backwoods of Silverhill, Alabama, Nisan seemed to move just as fast and sleek as a Nissan 370Z with activity always being a part of his life. Sports was like a first love as he seemlessly transitioned from football, basketball, and baseball year-round. He was voted Most Athletic by his senior class in high school and went on to earn a football scholarship to the prestigious, Bucknell University. While a Bucknell Bison, Nisan was well received by his teammates and coaches, who awarded him with the accolades of Most Inspirational and Outstanding Offensive Back.  His portfolio of training, which lead to the mentioned successes, consisted of a wide variety such as: speed and power, muscle strengthening, muscle endurance, flexibility, core conditioning, cardio respiratory fitness, agility, coordination, and reactivity.  These skills and training modes continue to be a part of his excercise regemin today!

In fact, his wife, Yorelis Trotter, after witnessing his passion for health and fitness, encouraged him strongly to become a personal trainer. In route to becoming an ACE- certified Personal Trainer (recognized industry-wide as the standard for fitness certification), Nisan gained his first testimonial by helping Yorelis lose an astounding 45 lbs in 6-months!

Nisan did not stop at personal training as boot camp fitness also holds a special place in his training repertoire. He has studied and learned from industry leaders like Todd Durkin of Fitness Quest 10, who is widely known for training top NFL athletes like Drew Brees and LaDainian Tomlinson. To add to his punch, Nisan also earned a SCW Indoor/Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp Specialty Certification after surviving rigorous boot camp workouts, course material, and examination under the guidance of the
renowned Six-time Solider of the Year, Master Fitness Trainer and veteran of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Desert Storm, Sgt. Ken Weichert!

Now, Nisan is revving his motor at your service with the co-founding of TROTFITNESS. He is driven to help you lead a life of health and fitness. He is ready to assist you in conquering your goals. With him at your side, you will realize that running like a 370z isn’t as hard as it looks!

Yorelis Trotter is not your average Nutrition and Fitness Enthusiast.  She is a real woman, with real curves, and real-life weight struggles. While initially being embarrassed to share her weight loss journey, she realized that unveiling her journey can inspire someone in a special way.  

Yorelis would have never imagined her successes and even failures would lead to passionately co-founding a fitness business.  She has God Almighty and her trainer (husband), Nisan Trotter, to thank for holding her accountable and


Co-Founder, Marketing Director, FNS

Fitness Trainer, CPT *in process

Trainer, CPT

In about 9 months of working her butt off with TF, Sarah lost 15 pounds and 12% body fat and inches all over.  She had to replace her regular clothes and workout clothes a couple of times. She realized how beneficial it was to be able to work with a personal trainer virtually every day of the week alongside the encouragement and support of the other campers that she decided to join the team of trainers as well and pay it forward.  She looks forward to holding others accountable and showing the campers that working hard truly does pay off.  


Sarah has gone from struggling to do the modified versions of the workouts to looking for more of a challenge when she is in training mode. She looks forward to seeing similar stories in the campers and helping them believe more in themselves.   

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