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HELGA S./ Owner of Supercuts Hair Salon

Where do I start? I love TROTFITNESS. First time in my life that I'm taking charge and sticking with it! It was hard to train my body/brain to get up early. Now I get so much done in a day! My energy level is unbelievable! I always needed a nap in the afternoon. I actually had to take caffeine out of my day because I have so much natural energy from my workout. I never ran in my life and I actually like it and am getting stronger and faster!

After six months into the TROTFITNESS program, I can testify that boot camp is where you will get results. After a 30 lb. loss so far, I am well on my way to staying fit for life! You naturally want to eat better and my appetite has changed. I have failed miserably with diets.  I don't take diet pills, protein shakes, energy drinks or "cleanses".  I eat what I want; however, I watch my portions and record it. It's that simple. Eat healthy and workout. I'm so proud of myself. TROTFITNESS is for me. I love working out with a team. We are all supportive of each other. I have never been so committed to something like I am to my workouts! I'm very grateful and value Coach Nisan. He surely knows what he is doing! We are so lucky to have him in Lewisburg! Coach Nisan makes every workout fun and always keep us on our toes. The environment is friendly and encouraging. All sizes and ages exercising together to get fit.

Not only did boot camp change me physically, but it also helped me mentally. Being a business owner can certainly stress you out and now I handle stress a lot better. I am even a nicer person and wife! I feel good, sleep better, eat better and smile! Life is good! Oh yea, and thanks to TF Boot Camp, I could fit into this dress on vacation! And might I add, no girdle!  Don't laugh! Women my age, use those!!! 

I love my TROTFITNESS! It is the answer for me and I promise it will be for you too!! I'm a Raving Fan!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Helga Savidge, Owner, Supercuts

TROTFITNESS has truly changed my life. After spending the majority of my life in shape, having 3 children took its toll on my body. To regain control I tried every type of workout and diet and never found the resilience to stick with anything. All of that changed with my first bootcamp session. TROTFITNESS helped me find the commitment to myself and my health that had been lost over the past few years. Not only have I dropped 5 dress sizes, lost 48 lbs and inches everywhere, but I am feeling more energetic, more agile, and faster.

I have gone from only ever being able to run 1 mile to running 5 miles at a time. I went from doing 20 knee push ups to 50 regular push ups in just a few months. I also went from holding a plank for a very short period of time to over 4 minutes. I am so thankful for the guidance of TROTFITNESS and the camaraderie of the bootcamp group. I know that my journey to a healthy life is just beginning, but I never would have started without TROTFITNESS, and for that I am eternally grateful.



AMY D./ Youth Outreach Coordinator at Bucknell

I wanted to take this time to thank you both for believing in my ability to be a apart of transforming my life! I believe that I am going to be in the best shape of my life EVER!!!!!!!  I have been in exercise classes every day of the week...I would ride my bike to and from class! I was a softball player, cheerleader, powder puff football, I even trained for a marathon!! I also did tai kwon do for 2 1/2 yrs.  I worked my grandfathers farm as well as the neighbors. I spent a lot of summers throwing hay & straw bales, not easy! But... I believe this is, so far, the best "class" I have ever taken!! I really didn't think I was THAT out of shape. Not even going there!! I started TROTFITNESS Boot Camp on Dec. 12th, I was very 


unhappy with my weight and I wanted to do something about it. I just needed to be motivated! A friend told me about boot camp, my goal was to lose 15lbs. by my birthday, March 10th. I lost 17lbs!! By the end of March it was a total of 21lbs!!  I am so excited to feel as good as I do, it's not just the weight loss, it's the exercise, the changing of my eating habits. Who knew that these changes would make such a difference, not only physically, but mentally as well! And I have to tell ya the friendships, have made a great difference, everyone in the camp motivates the person next to them! It is awesome!! Also, I needed to find a prom dress for a skit...I was going to go to the second hand store to look for one...I didn't have to go that far...I was able to go to my daughter's closet...I can wear her senior year prom dress!!!    I am very excited and looking forward to what you have in your gym bag for us!   I promise you that I will give you all that I have every class!  Thank you so much!!!!


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